Natural Meats

How Our Beef Is Raised

  • No Hormones or Antibiotics!
  • Born and Raised on our ranch in Clark, WY
  • NHTC Certified through the State of Wyoming
  • Fed only crops that we grow ourselves
  • Given a diet of 80% pasture grass and then introduced to conventional (non-gmo)grain the last 9 months
  • Given a mineral supplement (vitamins) that helps support their digestive and immune system
  • USDA certified butcher/inspector
  • Never exposed to anything outside our ranch
  • They’re exceptional health is reflected in the taste and end product of all our beef products!

How Our Pork Is Raised

  • No Hormones or Antibiotics!
  • Fed feed that is raised on our ranch
  • Raise Non-GMO corn and hay
  • Not raised in Confinement
  • Access to inside facilities as well as ample room outside
  • Have clean/cold drinkers available in each pen
  • All pigs are kept with the their original birth family
  • Found that having a zero stress environment has a huge impact on their growth, health, and quality of meat
  • Fed a diet that is specifically formulated to their size and age
  • USDA Inspected at butcher site
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