About Gallagher Natural Beef

Taste The Difference!

  1. All our animals are born and rasied on our ranch in beautiful Clark, Wyoming.
  2. We never give any growth hormones or antibiotics to our animals.
  3. Our butcher never uses acids or chemicals during the butchering process (This process is common at other processing plants).
  4. Animal husbandry is very important to us! We give all our animals a clean, dry, spacious area to love, resulting in nothing but an amazing product for our customers!

Order Gallagher Natural Beef and Produce

Ordering is easy and Delivery is Free!
Just call or email your order and we will deliver right to your front door!
We deliver both our beef and poork cutsd and bundles all year round!
Gallagher Natural Beef and Produce usually delivers within two days.

Orders can be placed via phone call or text to:

Payment due upon delivery. Cash, check, and credit cards accepted.

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Gallagher Natural Beef
Road 8VE
Clark, Wyoming
ph: 307-645-3333
cell: 307-899-0452
We are very proud of all our beef and pork products! We have put a lot of time and care into making sure we can offer only the highest quality meat available!

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